New Tech Brief offers help for protecting Groundwater Sources

The National Environmental Services Center has just released a new Tech Brief titled “Well Maintenance and Groundwater Protection.”

More than 88 million American residents have their drinking water supplied by community systems that rely on groundwater as a primary source, while another 42 million get water from individually owned wells. Given this reality, maintaining public and private wells, and preventing groundwater contamination is of utmost importance.

The latest installment in NESC’s popular Tech Brief series discusses steps that can be taken to help maintain the life of both community and privately owned wells, thus ensuring that your drinking water is safe.

Download “Well Maintenance and Groundwater Protection” by going to: Also available on the page are 55 more Tech Briefs on a variety of drinking water and wastewater topics.

“Tech Briefs” are four-page fact sheets included in On Tap magazine produced by the National Environmental Services Center (NESC). Each fact sheet provides concise, technical information about a drinking water treatment technology or issue relevant to small systems. “Tech Briefs” are written for drinking water professionals, particularly small system operators. Tables and descriptive illustrations are provided, as well as sources for more information.

Have questions? Give the NESC technical assistance team a call at (800) 624-8301 and select option “3” from the menu.



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