Developing and Implementing any new program takes time, but DID YOU KNOW that HELP is available to DEFRAY or ELIMINATE COSTS?

PA DEP Assistance

PA DEP’s Source Water Protection Assistance Program (SWPTAP) provides NO COST support  to community water systems, individual municipalities with a community water system, or a group of adjacent municipalities to develop local SWP programs. Learn More >>
PA DEP’s Capability Enhancement Program is another avenue of NO COST support for water systems. Focused on ensuring the long term sustainability of the Commonwealth’s water supplies, it offers technical, managerial, and financial assistance programs. Learn More >>


PennVEST offers grants and low cost financial assistance for drinking water, sewer, stormwater and green infrastructure projects throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Public water systems with DEP-approved Source Water Protection Plans may be eligible to receive additional priority on their applications.
Contact PennVEST by phone at 717-783-6798 or click to Learn More >>


There are a wide range of Partnerships, Grants, and other Funding Programs available that have the potential to support Source Water Protection efforts, either in whole or in part.
To locate funding sources, please  GO TO Funding Sources >>
Many Pennsylvania funding programs are listed in the 2014 “Finding the Green: A Guide to State Funding Opportunities for Conservation, Recreation and Preservation Projects” developed by the Pennsylvania Growing Greener Coalition.

Please note that WREN’s website has changed from the URL listed in this guide. The main WREN website is

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