October 2013

Supported by a $7,000 Source Water Protection Collaborative Grant from the Water Resources Education Network (WREN), the Columbia and Montour County Conservation Districts have banded together to form the Columbia-Montour Source Water Protection Coalition of key stakeholders (public and private water suppliers, municipalities, agriculture, industry and other who value water resources) throughout the region that will promote long-range strategies to urge protection and preservation of water resources for future generations.

The newly formed Source Water Environmental Education Team (SWEET) plans to conduct a series of public education and outreach events at schools and community meetings using models and maps to describe source water protection areas, and to encourage land use planning and resource management practices that result in reduction of water contamination threats. The team will also develop educational materials, including a brochure and website for public outreach. The Coalition will seek participation from all water suppliers in Columbia and Montour counties to develop source water protection plans. In addition to the conservation districts, the partners of the Coalition include Columbia County Commissioners, Columbia County Emergency Management Agency, United Water Pennsylvania, Catawissa Water Authority, and the Fishing Creek Watershed Association.

Coalition meetings are held throughout the year at the Columbia County Conservation district offices. To learn how you can get involved, contact the Coalition chair, Dr. Jen Whisner at jwhisner@bloomu.edu or Nancy Corbin at the Columbia Conservation District nancy.corbin@coliumbiaccd.org.

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