Source Water Environmental Education Team (SWEET)  Overview & Fact Sheets

Source Water Environmental Education Teams (SWEETs) raise awareness and provide valuable education to Pennsylvania citizens and local officials to empower them to protect their sources of drinking water. Each SWEET team consists of three to five local water resource partners, such as public water system staff, watershed specialists, Cooperative Extension staff, educators, County Planners, and land conservancies, who work together and support the efforts of a regional or County Source Water Collaborative to raise awareness and conduct public education about drinking water protection.

The SWEET teams are becoming an important component of source water protection collaborative education efforts in Pennsylvania.

The Water Resources Education Network (WREN Project)  SWEET Team Fact Sheet outlines the role of the Source Water Environmental Education Team and the importance of using visual models (local source water protection maps showing time of travel, groundwater model, Enviroscape, etc.) for public education – 1 pg.

SWEET Team Overview – outlines roles and expectations of SWEET Team members in the context of a source water collaborative grant project.

WREN is a project of the League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania Citizen Education Fund.

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