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Source Water Protection is a science-based way to protect public water supplies by preventing pollution of drinking water sources used by the community. We all share the responsibility to prevent contamination of our drinking water.

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Our Mission


The Pocono Source Water Protection Collaborative was formed to raise awareness and help local officials, water suppliers, homeowners, commercial well owners, emergency management officials, concerned citizens and community stakeholders take action to protect drinking water from contamination to ensure our quality of life, economic growth and nature’s benefits.

Our first priority is helping Northeast Pennsylvania Public Water Systems in their ongoing efforts to supply safe, clean drinking water to the communities they serve. The Pocono Source Water Protection Collaborative is here to assist water companies in protecting their water supplies.

Our Goals

  • Enhance collaboration and cooperation to help communities prevent water pollution in water supply areas and protect public health.
  • Promote understanding of Pocono drinking water resources to ensure reliable, high quality drinking water is available as the backbone of our neighborhoods, our way of life and our children’s future.
  • Exchange information and educational resources about effective stewardship measures to raise awareness and help citizens and local officials take action to protect our drinking water.

Why are we here?

Northeast Pennsylvania’s groundwater supplies are increasingly threatened with contamination by various sources. Everything done on top of the ground has the potential to affect someone’s drinking water. Protecting surface water such as streams and rivers is important – but it is also essential to protect groundwater.

As water moves through the ground, it is affected by what is going on at the surface. Wells become polluted when substances that are harmful to human health seep into the groundwater. Water from these wells can be dangerous to drink when the level of pollution rises above health standards and remediation is expensive. According to the EPA, $1 towards the cost of source water protection reduces by $27 the water treatment costs for that water supply.

In addition to the public health and economic benefits associated with preventing contamination of public drinking water sources, an effective local Source Water Protection program can complement pollution prevention strategies, improve emergency response, and promote sound land-use planning.

Join Us!

Become a Partner in the Pocono Source Water Protection Collaborative, attend our meetings and workshops, and encourage others to attend our educational programs. Help us protect the sources of our drinking water in Pike, Wayne and Monroe Counties.

To Learn More, Contact us by email at: conservancy@hfca.com
or by phone at 570-226-8220. Please ask for the Watershed Specialist.

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