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We invite you and your organization to join us in this worthwhile effort. Together we can accomplish more!

Our Initial Plans:

Glass of Water

  • Evaluate the regionā€™s susceptibility to contamination, develop ways to minimize or eliminate potential threats, create long-range protection strategies, support local planning and intergovernmental cooperation, and engage in other activities that will protect and preserve drinking water resources for future generations.
  • Identify recommended initial risk reduction measures. Pilot the Source Water Passport to Clean Water with help from the two Partner water systems with approved Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Source Water Protection (SWP) Plans.
  • Engage the community through public education and outreach. Our professional Source Water Environmental Education Team (SWEET) plans to offer workshops for municipal officials, planners, water company operators and interested stakeholders. We will produce Source Water Protection literature and share outreach and educational ideas for customers and the general public using our Groundwater Flow Model and EnviroscapeĀ®.
  • Assist Partner water suppliers with public outreach about the value of drinking water protection. Help Pocono area water systems and communities to establish their own local drinking water protection plans at a level their time and resources will allow.
  • Work to improve emergency response coordination. We have already set the groundwork with Pike County Commissioners to develop local emergency response capabilities, such as notification when source waters are threatened or identification of alternative water testing laboratories.
  • Work together to secure additional funds to support the work of our Partners.
  • Provide a forum for ideas and information exchange about drinking water protection. By coming to our meetings and sharing important source water protection needs and success stories, other cooperative opportunities may emerge.

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