“The better the raw water quality, the better the finished water quality… The key from our perspective is to work together to hopefully provide a much safer, reliable source of water for all county residents.”

Chip Bilger, Chairman, Berks County Water & Sewer Association

Project Title: Source Water Protection for Berks County
Contact: Paul Janssen, Director, Center for Excellence in Local Government, Albright College — 610-921-7246 Email: pjanssen@alb.edu

2013-2014 WREN Grant Project Funded by LWVPA-CEF, Source Water Protection Education 2013-2014
Berks County Commissioners, Berks County Conservation District, Berks County Solid Waste Authority, Western Berks Water Authority, Reading Area Water Authority, Pennsylvania American Water Company, Hamburg Municipal Authority,
City of Reading Public Works Department, Georgeadis Setly, Esq., and Dale R. Kratzer.

Focus: The Partners will form a county wide Source Water Protection Collaborative that will create awareness, programs, and policy which will enable the implementation of an effective Source Water Protection program for all of Berks County.  The coalition will form a Source Water Environmental Education Team (SWEET) that will conduct a series of public education and outreach events including a full day seminar on July 31, 2013, for municipal officials, water and sewer providers, a comprehensive web site, an informational brochure, and a public education program to be delivered to civic groups, schools, and municipal bodies.


Watch video (6 min) about the Berks County Water and Sewer Association formed in 2013 as a nonprofit working collaboratively to tackle clean water challenges.

Click for Berks County Water and Sewer Association website (hosted by Albright College’ Center for Excellence in Local Government)

Read March 2014 Feature Article: “Water and Sewer  Groups Come Together for the Same Goal: Clean Water for Berks County.

View July 31, 2013 Source Water Protection Workshop Flyer (PDF) – Berks County SWP Kick off Agenda & Registration – July 31revised

View Workshop Program (PDF) – 7-31-13 Berks SWP Program-Albright College


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