The Columbia-Montour Coalition for Source Water Protection formed in 2013 with the support of a $7,000 WREN Source Water Protection Collaborative Grant.


As stated on its website, the new partnership is “on a mission to make water resources protection a priority. We are promoting, protecting and urging the importance of conserving source water resources by:

  • Partnering with agriculture, industry, industry, landowners, and municipalities;
  • Educating the public;
  • Developing risk-reduction strategies for protection risk-reduction strategies for protection.”


How is the Columbia-Montour Source Water Coalition Helping?

“We are working to get drinking water protection incorporated into land use planning, farming, industrial practices, municipal decision-making and citizens’ day-to-day choices. We accomplish this by holding regular meetings, working with stakeholders, and by reaching out to the community – providing education and training throughout the two counties.”


The Coalition leaders are two County Conservation Districts, the Columbia County Conservation District and the Montour County Conservation District, working together with other stakeholders.

The current partners in the Columbia-Montour Coalition for Source Water Protection include:

Read more about the Columbia Montour Source Water Protection Coalition

View the Coalition’s website and map of coverage area, meeting minutes: Columbia-Montour Coalition for Source Water Protection>>

Watch Video of May 5, 2014 Columbia Montour Source Water Protection Coalition . The Coalition invited the League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania Citizen Education Fund Pipeline Safety project to conduct a Pipeline Safety and Source Water Protection presentation for the Coalition’s Steering Committee, County Commissioners and the general public.  The presentations were standing room only, took place in Bloomsburg and featured speakers WREN Director Julie Kollar, Dr. Roberta Winters of LWVPA, and Lynda Farrell, Exec. Director of the Pipeline Safety Coalition based in Pennsylvania.

View: Source Water Protection and Gas Pipeline Education in Columbia-Montour County



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