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It’s 3:00 AM and raining. A truck driver ruptures his fuel saddle tank, spills a hundred gallons of fuel, and leaves the scene without notifying anyone. Your employees show up at 6:00 AM and discover fuel running everywhere because of the rain, and all drains lead directly to your water supply. What should you do as the operator of the water company

This scenario played out in the Poconos, but because the Milford Water Authority had a Source Water Protection Plan in place, Milford’s water supplies were protected from contamination. We’re here to share lessons learned from this and other experiences so we maintain our region’s excellent drinking water quality.

Fulmer Falls

The Pocono Source Water Protection Collaborative was formed 2013 to support Northeast Pennsylvania public water systems, residents with individual on-lot water supplies, and municipal officials in the protection of public drinking water, and to foster the public policies necessary to ensure clean, safe drinking water now and for future generations.

Our first priority is helping Northeast Pennsylvania Public Water Systems in their ongoing effort to supply safe, clean drinking water to the communities they serve.

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