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SourcewaterPA was developed by the Water Resources Education Network (WREN), a project of the League of Women Voters of PA Citizen Education Fund, with support from the PA Department of Environmental Protection.

This site is THE place for practical solutions to help you protect the rivers, streams, lakes, and aquifers that we all rely on for safe public drinking water throughout Pennsylvania. It is also a resource to learn about important, common sense ways that water systems and communities across the Commonwealth are working together with local residents and stakeholders to safeguard groundwater and surface water sources from contamination.

Sustainable water supplies are essential for every aspect of modern life, including municipal drinking water supplies, commercial and industrial development, residential living, agriculture and nature protection.

Using a simple step-by-step approach to implement source water protection, you can help keep water treatment costs down and protect public health in your community through clean drinking water today and for future generations. Take a tour through the site, and start your community on a journey to cleaner, safer water resources.

Want to know why source water protection is a terrific idea for all communities?  Check out the 3 minute video animation

Want to know if the public water system that serves your Pennsylvania community has a source water protection program in place?  Click on the Your Status Tab.

For more information about PA DEP’s Source Water Protection Technical Assistance Program (SWPTAP), contact:

PA DEP Regional Source Water Protection Coordinator for your region – click for contact staff>>

Or contact PA DEP Central Office in Harrisburg:

PA Department of Environmental Protection | Bureau of Safe Drinking Water
Source Protection Section
Rachel Carson State Office Building, 10th Floor
400 Market Street
PO Box 88467
Harrisburg, PA 17105-8467
Phone: 717-772-4048
Online: DEP Source Water Assessment and Protection web site >>

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