Power In Numbers: Success through Cooperation

The January/February 2013 issue of PA Borough News, published by the Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs, featured WREN’s article about the Tioga County Source Water Protection Coalition titled: Power in Numbers: The Tioga County Source Water Protection Coalition finds Successes through Cooperation.”

The Tioga Source Water Protection Coalition formed in 2011 with a grant and assistance from WREN, the Water Resources Education Network, a project of the League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania Citizen Education Fund.

The collaborative effort reflects a growing trend among public water systems  in Pennsylvania whereby water utilities within a county or region are meeting and working together to address risks identified by PA DEP in their source water protection plans.  They are meeting regularly to work on proactive ways to protect vulnerable drinking water recharge areas from a variety of threats, ranging from natural gas development to agricultural runoff.

Part of the process is improving dialog and coordination with emergency responders and with County 911 EMS Centers to hasten accurate response using geographic information systems (GIS) to effectively combat hazardous spills along roadways.

Water system coalitions are beginning to take joint action in Pennsylvania, including formulating a collective response to proposed PA DEP regulations to weigh in on the use of brine from gas wells on roadways which could runoff into water supply areas, challenging PennDOT to come up with better stormwater designs in sensitive recharge zones, and integrating source water protection maps into county 911 center GIS maps to help with quick notification to water systems of spills that could reach water supply wells or intakes.

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