Public Education for Source Water Protection: A Toolkit for Municipal Officials & Communities

Water is a shared resource.   Community members, businesses, farmers, municipal officials and schools can all be active participants in keeping our drinking water sources clean and healthy.

Environmental regulations, municipal zoning and ordinances are important parts of protecting our water resources but many voluntary options are available to promote sound pollution prevention practices.  A good education and outreach strategy is important to help residents or businesses to understand the importance of protecting the source of their community drinking water.  Community members who understand the importance of protecting their drinking water resources will be more willing to practice pollution prevention or vote for funding to protect the community drinking water resource. It costs much less to prevent pollution than to clean up a water supply that becomes polluted.

We have vetted hundreds of potential information sources and compiled a short list of websites, videos, and downloadable materials to assist you in your efforts to educate communities about:

  • LIVING In A Drinking Source Water Area
  • WORKING In A Drinking Source Water Area
  • FARMING In A Drinking Source Water Area

Please also check out our page jam-packed with public education tools at “Brochures and Public Outreach Tools.

Want to view Pennsylvania’s Water Atlas, created as part of the state Water Plan? Click here to view>> (be patient, it is a large file)

We’ve also put together some sources for FUNDING Educational Efforts.

This is an ever-evolving list, so please check back regularly.

And be sure to let us know what we’ve missed: email Julie Kollar

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