Public Education Brochures developed by Source Water Coalitions & Public Water Systems

There is a wealth of “off the shelf” public education materials available to use for your Source Water Protection Program. Public education programs will pay off for years to come and are probably the most important and least expensive source water protection management measure that every community can use.  A variety of resources are available that can be used “as is” or can be easily customized – no need to “re-invent the wheel!” Take a look at the examples from around Pennsylvania and beyond.


Columbia - Montour Counties Source Water Protection Coalition Brochure

Columbia-Montour Counties

  • Columbia-Montour Source Water Protection Coalition formed in 2013 with support of a WREN Source Water Protection Collaborative Grant.  Partners include: Columbia County Conservation District, Montour County Conservation District, Columbia County Commissioners, Columbia County Emergency Management Agency, United Water Pennsylvania, Catawissa Water Authority, and Fishing Creek Watershed Association.

Examples of Public Education materials outside Pennsylvania


National Source Water Collaborative

National Source Water Collaborative - 25 national organizations united to protect America’s sources of drinking water. Click for member information.

Guide for Land Use Planners

Protecting Drinking Water Resources through Agricultural  ConservationCollaboration Toolkit. This toolkit, developed as a result of extensive collaboration between members of the Source Water Collaborative, NACD and the NRCS, offers a step-by-step approach. The resources inside are useful for anyone working in source water protection: from those who already know their State Conservationist or District Conservationist (NRCS) or Executive Director/Board Member or Conservation District Manager (NACD), but may be looking for new ideas, to those aiming to build a successful relationship.

Brochure template - Create a customized Drinking Water Protection Brochure in just a few minutes- “Your Water. Your Decision.”

How to Collaborate Guide – New for 2015, the national Source Water Collaborative released a helpful how-to guide that anyone interested in starting or enhancing community based water quality protection efforts should read called “How to Collaborate: How to Build and Maintain Effective Partnerships to Protect Sources of Drinking Water.” The Toolkit is part of the SWC’s ongoing efforts to help foster local, state and regional/watershed source water collaboratives.

Effectively addressing drinking water contamination often requires working with key partners, across organizational and jurisdictional boundaries. Designed to meet a broad array of needs, this Toolkit provides helpful tips, sample materials, and thoughtful resources organized by each stage of collaboration, from those just getting started to mature partnerships seeking new inspiration.



Fact Sheets (click for link)



Stay up to date on the latest drinking water protection news in Pennsylvania. Check out two free e-newsletters here, Water Policy News and “The Source.”

Water Policy News

Water Policy News is a free e-newsletter that covers news about Pennsylvania water system source water protection efforts, funding sources, tools for engaging and educating communities and Feature stories about water systems that are taking action in Pennsylvania to develop source water protection plans and implement SWP management measures.

View issues of Water Policy News.


“The Source” Newsletter

Covers source water protection examples in Pennsylvania; produced quarterly by SSM Group, Inc. of Reading, PA.

View issues of “The Source.”


Keystone Tap

Keystone Tap is a monthly magazine produced by PA Rural Water Association ( featuring  a wide variety of water and wastewater topics, including helpful articles about source water protection.

Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs (PSAB)

PA Borough News Magazine – Jan/Feb 2013: The Triple Divide Watershed Coalition: 2012 Winner of PA Governor’s Award for Local Government Excellence and 2011-2012 WREN Grantee

By Ellen Kiley and Julie Kollar, Director of WREN

Weeks after being applauded as a national model for protection of treasured watersheds, the Triple Divide Watershed Coalition based in Potter County, was awarded the prestigious Pennsylvania Governor’s Award for Local Government Excellence in the “Building Community Partnerships” category in April 2012.


Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors (PSATS) - PA Township News

Keeping Drinking Water Safe: Source Water Protection Becoming a Top Priority for Townships

Article by Andrea Bennett, U.S. EPA Region 3

Many people don’t realize the number of factors that can affect drinking water safety, from stormwater runoff to the use of lawn-care products.  Township supervisors are trying to change that with comprehensive source water and wellhead protection programs that educate the public, prevent groundwater pollution, and offer tips for managing activities that could compromise this critical resource.  Read more.

Articles about Source Water Protection Coalitions in Pennsylvania - Click Here>>

National Environmental Service Center

Source Water Protection for Local Officials:




Source Water Protection Lessons for Adults and Students Available from FFA

The FFA organization released a series of 20 source water protection lessons helpful for adults and students for the high school level through a partnership with USDA and EPA. The lessons contain hands-on and remedial activities, supplemental web and community resources, assessments, and community stewardship. Content covered includes the water cycle, drinking water basics, the watershed approach, and agricultural conservation practices to protect water quality. (Note: Links may not yet work as FFA is in the process of updating its website as of Feb/Mar 2015)


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