Creating a Source Water Protection Plan is a five step process that pays big dividends. Consider the RISK versus the REWARD.

When starting out, it might seem to be a major undertaking, but many operators are surprised by how little resistance they encounter and how much support they receive when the process begins.

John Bottegal from Shaler Township is convinced that without a source water protection plan in place, his system would have lost several wells.

John Bottegal, Shaler Township Water System from GreenTreks Network on Vimeo.


Drinking Water Protection Action Checklist

To help you understand what’s involved and ways to take action to reduce risks and implement your Source Water Protection Plan, we’ve created a Drinking Water Protection Action Checklist (WORD doc) to help you through the process. It provides a variety of SWP management measures for the typical kinds of land uses and activities found in most communities.  Use it to get started, and as a multi-year tool to set and record priority action steps and engage partners.  It can help you organize the stakeholders, resources and information you’ll need along the way.

Consider the checklist your PASSPORT TO CLEAN WATER. Download it NOW >>

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