All PA community water systems are eligible to participate in the Source Water Protection Technical Assistance Program, which offers direct technical assistance in developing a PROTECTION PLAN.

PA DEP has contracted with the SSM Group, Inc. of Reading, PA to provide technical expertise and assistance to interested community water systems for the development of their local Source Water Protection programs. SWP programs can involve wellhead protection for groundwater sources, watershed protection for surface water sources, or both for systems using groundwater and surface water. Assistance can be provided for developing a complete program or just specific elements needed to complete a program.

The end result of SWPTAP is an “approvable” local SWP plan that meets DEP’s six Minimum Elements:

  • Local steering committee and public participation
  • Source water protection area delineation
  • Contaminant Source Inventory
  • Source water protection area management methods and commitment
  • Contingency planning; and
  • Protection of identified new source sites.

Eric Grindrod, SWPTAP Project Manager and VP at SSM Group, Inc. underscores the diversity of Pennsylvania’s water resources, highlights the benefits of a SWP, and discusses the kind of assistance operators can expect from SWPTAP:

MONEY MATTERS: SWPTAP is funded by PA DEP — and there’s no matching out of pocket requirement!
Check out the SWPTAP Fact Sheet >>
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PA DEP Source Water Assessment Guidance Document Go>>

Are you READY to Take Advantage of SWPTAP? Contact DEP to Learn More:

DEP Central Office
Joe Hebelka, P.G., Hydrogeologist

DEP Northeast Region Office
Andrew Augustine

DEP Northcentral Region Office
Mark Stephens, P.G.

DEP Southwest Region Office
Tom McCaffrey

DEP Southcentral Region Office
Cathy Port

DEP Northwest Region Office
Christopher Berkey

DEP Southeast Region Office
Kevin Smith

What Other Resources are Available?

DEP has a secured a contractor (SSM Group) to assist with local SWP plan development and delineations. In addition, The PA Rural Water Association (PRWA) provides direct on-site assistance and SWP training. The Water Resources Education Network also provides SWP training, assistance with outreach, the Sourcewaterpa website, and grant funding that supports development of regional or county based water coalitions that conduct community source water education – see Source Water Coalitions page for examples.


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