NGWA Groundwater Summit to feature course on hydraulic fracturing

DEP’s Source Water Protection Chief, Joe Lee, P.G., will be one of the instructors presenting a short course on hydraulic fracturing at the upcoming National Groundwater Summit in Baltimore on May 5th.  The course, titled Hydraulic Fracturing of the Marcellus Shale,  is being offered in conjunction with the final day of the Summit which runs May 1 – May 5, 2011. 

Course objectives include:

  • How to differentiate between actual and perceived potential for groundwater contamination
  • How states track water quality
  • What to look for, and when to look for it, when testing wells and water
  • How to separate fact from media hype and resources to help you do so.

For more information, go to the National Groundwater Protection Council website or call  800 551.7379 (614 898.7791).

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