What does Source Water Protection look like in Tioga County, PA?

That’s the question answered in two new videos, produced by the Tioga County Conservation District in partnership with the Tioga County Source Water Protection Coalition, with help from a 2014-2015 WREN Watershed Education Grant. Erica Tomlinson, District Manager at the Tioga County Conservation District was the Project Leader for the effort.

Video: Source Water Protection – The Landowner

There are already a variety of local community organizations working on ways to protect drinking water in Tioga County, PA, and a number of successful projects up and running. Take a look at this new video to learn why the cleaner the water source, the easier and cheaper it is to treat for safe drinking water – and the better the water.

As mentioned in the video, “We want to remove existing pollutants and we do not want to create new problems that will be passed down to our children and grandchildren.” That’s a good message for us all.

Video: Source Water Protection – Municipalities

“The cleaner your source, the better your water”
– Barry Cleveland, Chief Water Operator at Mansfield Borough.

The second video looks at source water protection from the viewpoint of Tioga County municipal officials and spotlights several innovative ways officials are working to mitigate threats to the county’s water supply. Examples showcase best management practices in use throughout Tioga County including:

  • low-cost solutions designed to reduce high chloride levels as the result road salt runoff  in winter;
  • installing underground pipes to allow rain water draining off roadways to become sheetflow to allow the water to percolate down over a larger area through the gravel and sand into the aquifer,
  • helping prevent flooding in area creeks and streams that eventually reach the Tioga River;
  • cultivating streamside buffers and forests (riparian buffers) along local stream banks on land owned by the municipality to stem erosion and sediment and keep water cool for aquatic life; and
  • a demonstration project that collects clean rain water in a roof gutter system on the exhibit arena at the Tioga County Fairgrounds, funneling the water to an underground drainage system to recharge the aquifer – a practice that experts say can be used on farms to keep clean water clean.

As the video shows, source water protection goes on all around us, through innovative, low-cost technologies that provide an extra layer of protection for the watershed and result in clean water practices that benefit everyone.

Video features Roger Bacon, Deerfield Township Supervisor, Barry Cleveland, Chief Water Operator at Mansfield Borough, Craig Williams, Educator, Farm BIll Coordinator, George D. Lloyd, Blossburg Borough Manager, and is narrated by Dr. Linda Kennedy, Assistant Professor of Geography at Mansfield University of Pennsylvania.

To learn more about drinking water protection measures of the Tioga County Source Water Protection Coalition, click here>>

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