New Program Helps Small Water Systems Protect Sources

During 2014, several drinking water contamination incidents in West Virginia and Ohio received national media attention.  The water supply for hundreds of thousands of residents was affected. Officials, regulators and water industry leaders renewed the call to action to community water systems to implement local source water protection efforts and safeguard the quality of drinking water sources.

Community water systems in Pennsylvania now have a no cost service available to lend a helping hand. The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has announced the Small System Source Water Protection Program that can assist hundreds of smaller water systems in the state, especially those serving 500 people or less.

With a call to the appropriate PADEP regional office or to Pennsylvania Rural Water Association’s source water technician  at 800-653-7792, small water systems can quickly get help. The Small System Source Water Protection Plan provides a science-based tool containing essential information including a map of key protection areas and a checklist of action steps to help small systems protect and sustain their sources.

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