2015 WREN Grant Round Now Open

WREN Announces the 2015 Source Water Protection Collaborative Grant Round is Open!

Grant Applications are due:  3/20/15. Funded Project Activity time frame is July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016.  WREN Grants are subject to funding availability from state and federal sources.

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Learn more about WREN Grants

The Water Resources Education Network (WREN), a project of League of Women Voters of PA Citizen Education Fund, invites grant applications for local projects that will form or strengthen a community coalition during 2015 – 2016 to raise awareness and educate citizens about ways to prevent pollution and keep drinking water resources clean and healthy in Pennsylvania. We look for projects that will engage local government officials and staff, water systems, conservation organizations, planners and adult audiences in grass roots efforts.

WREN offers two separate grant programs, a Watershed Education Grant track and a Source Water Protection Collaborative track.  Each grant program has its own application instructions and application forms.  Please use the correct instructions and forms for the project when applying. The time frame for funded project activities for both grant programs will begin July 1, 2015 and end June 30, 2016.

Watershed Education Grants

NOTE: As of 1/28/15, funding for the 2015 Round of WREN Watershed Education Projects (Nonpoint Source Pollution projects) will NOT BE AVAILABLE FOR 2015.

The Watershed Education Grants engage local municipal officials and residents in ways to reduce polluted runoff, enhance water quality protection and restoration by raising awareness and contributing to behavior change. Local municipalities are active partners with other stakeholders in WREN Watershed Education Projects. Maximum funding $5,000 per project.

Go to Watershed Education Grants (nonpoint source pollution prevention) page

Source Water Protection Collaborative Grants – funding is available for 2015

Source Water Protection Collaborative Grants educate residents and officials about drinking water aquifers, streams, rivers, lakes and recharge areas that supply local public drinking water, potential sources of contamination, and implement a specific action during the project year to help reduce the risk.

There are three Source Water Protection Grant project tiers and funding levels available:

  • Local Project – maximum $3,000/project;
  • Expanded Local Project – maximum $5,000/project
  • County Project – maximum of $8,000 award.

Source Water Environmental Education Teams (SWEET) conduct public education with support of the coalitions.  Click for information on SWEET Teams.

Go to Source Water Protection Collaborative Grants page


Project Examples Available at WREN Website

See examples of prior WREN-funded projects for creative ideas at our websitewww.waterwisepa.org. Resources from hundreds of successful projects are available for applicants to adapt for their own project.  For examples of Source Water Protection Coalitions, click here>


About WREN

The Water Resources Education Network (WREN) is a project of the Citizen Education Fund of the League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania (LWVPA-CEF).  WREN is a nonpartisan informal collaboration of organizations and public officials working for the protection and management of Pennsylvania’s water resources, both surface and ground water, through grass roots education and informed policy-making.  WREN provides training and grants for local coalition building to promote community awareness and development of public policies necessary to protect Pennsylvania water resources.  The WREN Project has two clean water initiatives: Watershed Education to prevent polluted runoff (also known as nonpoint source pollution), and Source Water Protection Promotion to raise awareness and implement measures that will protect sources used for public drinking water.  Since 1992, through the WREN Project, LWVPA-CEF has awarded more than $2 million in funding to more than 395 community partnerships working to safeguard Pennsylvania water resources.





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