November 2014 Water Policy News Shares SWP Lessons Learned

November 2014 Water Policy News - Lessons Learned from 2013-2014 Source Water Protection Collaborative Projects

November Feature: A ‘SWEET” Year for Drinking Water Protection Partnerships by Lynda Ginsparg

Clean, safe drinking water.  We all want it and need it for life itself.  Read about three 2013-2014 WREN Source Water Protection projects from different areas of Pennsylvania that decided to reach out to multiple audiences including emergency responders, and take action before it’s too late to safeguard precious drinking water.

Other Topics
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  • AWWA Article reprint: Protecting Forested Watersheds is Smart Economics for Water Utilities
  • Business and Water – A Perfect Partnership through ‘Adopt a Streamsite’
  • Register Your Vote for 2015 ‘River of the Year’
  • American Water Works Survey: Water Quality and Treatment Costs Survey is Now Open
  • Public Policy Corner
  • Funding and Grants

Want more “Lessons Learned” from the real world?  The October 2014 issue of Water Policy News offered two Feature articles with the focus on our talented group of 2013-2014 WREN Watershed Education Grant Project leaders.  They shared their candid comments and practical tips with Water Policy News readers to educate and inspire future champions of water resource education.

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