Disaster Management Training coming to Berks County July 2014

The Berks County Water and Sewer Association (BCW&SA) will host its annual Conference on July 30, 2014, at Albright College, Reading, PA. The group plans to build on its proactive source water protection efforts with the 2014 conference theme: Disaster Planning and Response. The event will feature a three-module class on disaster management for water and wastewater utilities. BCW&SA plans to invite local emergency responders with a goal of opening up important lines of communication with these key community partners, and to gain their perspectives about ways to better plan and manage potential disaster situations.

The class will be presented by Texas A & M University Extension Services and is being fully funded by FEMA. The class can be customized to 4-hours or 1.5 hours. The modules to be covered in Reading include the types of threats and hazards faced by water and wastewater utilities, and how to plan and respond to these calamities. PA DEP will award contact hours to licensed water and wastewater operators that complete the course.

For more information, see Texas A & M Engineering Extension Service webpage

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