2014 Schuylkill Action Network Progress Report Published

The Schuylkill River has been an important source of drinking water in the Mid-Atlantic region for over two centuries. Over 1.5 million people receive their drinking water from the Schuylkill River and its tributaries.

Once among Pennsylvania’s most heavily-polluted waterways, the Schuylkill River in southeastern Pennsylvania has undergone a dramatic recovery.  The Schuylkill River was voted the 2014 Pennsylvania River of the Year. This is the second time the Schuylkill has been named River of the Year, having last received the distinction in 1999.

There are over 3,500 regulated sources of pollution in the watershed, including 78 large sewage treatment plants and many septic systems. These sources discharge wastewater into the river and its tributaries, posing threats to water quality.

The health of millions of people depends on a clean Schuylkill River, not to mention the enormous regional economic engine that it propels in the Delaware Valley. Keeping pollution at bay takes a coordinated well planned effort with a host of public and private organizations collaborating, joined by thousands of volunteers, not to mention  millions of dollars in funding. Steering the regional effort is the Schuylkill Action Network, which celebrated its 10-year anniversary in 2013.

Read the 2014 Progress Report for Schuylkill Action Network (SAN).

And kudos to the six SAN Workgroups that have persevered for the past 10 years to overcome difficult challenges.  They continue to focus on the prize: a “fishable, swimmable, drinkable” Schuylkill River: Stormwater Workgroup, Agriculture Workgroup, Watershed Land Protection Collaborative Workgroup, Education and Outreach Workgroup, Pathogen/Compliance Workgroup, and Abandoned Mine Drainage Workgroup. Please keep up the great work!

Read 2014 SAN Progress Report

Read more about Schuylkill Action Network (SAN).

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