Source Water Protection: Why Do we Care?

A clean, safe, reliable supply of drinking water is something the American public takes for granted, but the average Jane and Joe rarely think about where their water comes from because it’s available with the twist of a handle, straight from the tap. As a water system professional, you know the complexities of the treatment process inside out-but how well do you understand the lay of the land between your sources and treatment plant? It’s a pretty safe bet that if you haven’t got one in place already, you’ll benefit greatly from a Source Water Protection Plan…

Mark Stephens from DEP’s Northcentral Office knows from experience that preventing contamination is far more prudent than dealing with contamination after the fact:

Mark Stephens, PA Department of Environmental Protection, Northcentral Region from GreenTreks Network on Vimeo.

No matter what their size or situation, all water systems need to know exactly where their raw water comes from, all potential sources of contaminants, time of travel, and the many players involved should contamination occur.

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